“Exhibition Room for Rehabilitation Equipment” exhibit different aspects of assistive rehabilitation equipment and home modification, samples, demonstrates how to enhance the capacity of independence, also achieving high quality of life.

  1. Reducing risk of home accidents

    “Exhibition Room for Rehabilitation Equipment” sets up the exhibition areas for special topics of “Magic tools to prevent falling” and “ Transfer Supplies” to show special rehabilitation devices to meet the home living needs of frail clients, the proper use of which can reduce risk of fall and injury for clients with physical degradation.

  2. People oriented design concept

    The material selection and application displayed of “Exhibition Room for Rehabilitation Equipment” are setup based on the principle of universal design; which can enable clients to use the equipment effectively, comfortably and safely, meanwhile it enables visitors to experience home living environment and facilities without being influenced by capacity or degree of physical disabilities. The individual capacity and living habit of clients are coordinated to achieve the purpose of enjoying later life at home.

  3. Matching needs of home living for frail clients

    Most of exhibits can be purchased in local market and the style and design of these exhibits can meet the needs of local clients, which facilities the families and carers to create the friendly living home

  4. Category of exhibits includes:

    • Medical and nursing supplies
    • Palliative care equipment
    • Transferring equipment
    • Fall prevention supplies
    • Cognitive training equipment
    • Auxiliary tableware
    • Accessories of wheelchair
    • Bathroom/Toilet/Kitchen appliances
    • Home living assistive tools